About the Association

Society “Latvian Security Business Association” (united registration No. 40008029305) (hereafter referred to as SBA) was formed on the basis of PO “Security Company Association” which had been founded on June 26, 1997 and is one of the largest non-governmental organization in Latvia that consolidates about thirty companies and firms working in the sphere of guarding, detective work and security, develops and implements common program of activities, represents and defends rights and interests of its members at state, self-governmental and other institutions, including international organizations. For this purpose SBA participates in working out of economic and professional development programs, in evaluation of bills and rates politics, extermination of dishonest competition and corruption. SBA regards rendering of qualified guarding, detective and security services to juridical and physical persons as its main task, at the same time participating in providing of public security and order and extermination of crimes. Since 26.03.2008, SBA President is Jānis Zeps.
            For implementation of purposes and tasks pulled out, SBA provides its members with operative information in the field of LR legislation and other questions, organization of cooperation in training, raising the level of skills and exchange of experience, promoting professional development of persons working in the field of security and guarding.
            SBA renders either methodical, legal and consultative assistance for its members, protects them against dishonest competition, constantly cares for popularization of members’ work and range of services and  rising of its prestige as well as freely distributes information on its and members’ activity in printings and other mass-media. For achievement of the highest professional results in satisfaction of society needs, SBA management and members in their work follow the requirements of Association Professional Qualification Certificate and basic principles of Association Code of Ethics. Carrying out the research of society needs and ensuring satisfaction of those in the sphere of security and guarding. SBA undertakes to educate society in the field of security and guarding as well as international terrorism and its abatement problems, actions in situation that threaten persons’ security or cases of real terrorism.

            SBA management and members think that one of the most important conditions for professional activity in the market of security and guarding is confidence of society and customers as well as professional activity execution with proper respect to society needs and interests. Quality standards for SBA and its member’s services, professional ethics and qualification criteria correspond with the highest requirements existing in Latvia and Europe.